Sport Premium

Sports Premium is extra money that is given directly to schools by government. The amount given to each school depends on the number of children that we have in class from Reception to year 6. These rules are set by government and do change over time.

This funding is direct to schools to be spent with the following aims:

  • Increasing participation rates in such activities as games, dance, gymnastics, swimming and athletics.
  • Increasing participation and success in competitive school sports.
  • Making the physical education curriculum more inclusive.
  • Expanding the growth in the range of traditional and alternative sporting activities.
  • Improving partnership work on physical education with other schools and other local partners.
  • Finding links with other subjects that contribute to pupils’ overall achievement and their greater social, spiritual, moral and cultural skills.
  • Making pupils more aware of the dangers of obesity, smoking and other such activities that undermine pupils’ health.

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