Picture News

What is Picture News?

Picture News aims to support pupils' development of their spiritual, moral, social and cultural elements of learning and behaviour. 

It encourages children to engage with current affairs alongside worldwide news stories and provides them opportunities to learn about and discuss what is happening these within assemblies, class and at home. 

Every week, on a Thursday, we share Picture News through Class Worship. The excellent online resources enable our children to engage really well with the images and the topics covered, which are always interesting, current and relevant. Each class has the opportunity to record their ideas our Picture News floor book. 

Picture News enables us to deliver much of the work we do in school on British Values and Protected Characteristics. In addition, it enables us to support our children in encounter and consider the key issues of the day in a planned and age-appropriate way.

The discussion prompted by Picture News also underpins the development of oracy skills across school, through planned opportunities to develop confidence in speaking, debating and expressing opinions in both formal and informal contexts.

Our Early Years and Key Stage 1 children follow the Early Years Picture News and Key Stage 2 children follow the Primary Picture News. The children engage in thought provoking conversations, sharing their opinions and views on the Big Question, as well as reflect on what the weekly story means for them personally. 

Year 6 Leadership Team 

Our Year 6 Leadership Team have started to plan and deliver Picture News to their classes and are beginning to branch out and deliver to the rest of the school. These children attended training with Picture News on how to plan and deliver Picture News to St Wilfrid’s. 

Courageous Advocates

Courageous Advocates

A group of children wrote a letter to Picture News, as they felt passionate about raising awareness of Vitiligo.

Their inspiration came from the book the children were reading as part of their Class Reader: The Lion Above the Door written by Onjali Q. Rauf. One of the characters in their book hid her skin from others as she was embarrassed about her condition. Some of the children in Year 5/6 weren't aware about the condition and wanted to find out more. This inspired the children to write to Picture News to encourage them to create an article/Picture News focus on Vitiligo.

If you would like to read the children's letter, this is linked on the left. 

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