Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team & SENDCo

Role Name
Thrive CE Academy Trust Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr John Barrett
Executive Headteacher (St Wilfrid's CE and Trust) Mrs Helena Miller
Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs Susanne Budgett
EYFS/Key Stage 1 Phase Lead, Phonics and English Miss Sadie Gordon
Key Stage 2 Phase Lead, Curriculum Lead Mr Jos Goodwin
Senior Teacher (Maths, RE, PSHE, PE & Collective Worship) Mrs Jenna Melody
Attendance Lead and DSL Mrs Sharon Hellier
Business Manager Mrs Joanne Love
Special Needs Coordinator and Inclusion Lead (SENDCo) Miss Gillian Maiden

Teaching Staff

Role Name
Nursery Teacher (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri) Ms Natalie Tipler
Nursery Teacher (Wed) Mrs Kate Lovatt
Reception R2 Teacher and EYFS/Key Stage 1 Phase Leader Miss Sadie Gordon
Reception R1 Teacher (Mon) Mrs Lucy Batman
Reception R1 Teacher (Tues, Weds, Thurs and Fri) Ms Jackie Doyle
Year 1 Teacher Miss Ella Woof
Year 1/2 Teacher (Mon, Tues) Mrs Kate Lovatt
Year 1/2 Teacher (Wed, Thurs and Fri) Mrs Rebecca Taylor
Year 2 Teacher Ms Emily Phillips
Year 3 Teacher Mrs Gill Argles
Year 3/4 Teacher Ms Zahra Gohari 
Year 4 Teacher Ms Lauren Vermeulen
Year 5 Teacher Miss Gillian Maiden
Year 5/6 Teacher Mrs Jenna Melody
Year 6 Teacher - Key Stage 2 Phase Leader Mr Jos Goodwin
Year 6 Teacher Ms Susanne Budgett
Maternity Leave Ms Annabel Clark

Teaching Assistants & Learning Support Assistants

Role Name
Senior Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant
with responsibility for Breakfast Club Care
Mrs Debbie Lowe
Nursery Teaching Assistant Ms Leanne Morrow
Nursery Teaching Assistant Ms Pauline Hayes
Reception Teaching Assistant and NELI (Nuffield Early Language Intervention) Teacher Mrs Rita Webster
Reception Teaching Assistant Ms Laia Fernandez
EYFS Teaching Assistant Miss Lola Young
Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant (Wed pm, Thurs and Fri) Mrs Vikki Blewitt
Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant (Mon, Tues, Wed) Mrs Helen Passant
Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant Mrs Suzanne Moores
Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant Mrs Nia Singh
Learning Support Assistant Mrs Karen Stephenson
Learning Support Assistant Mrs Gabby Waters
Learning Support Assistant Miss Courtney Sparrow
Learning Support Assistant Mrs Sue Hume

Administration, Site Management & Support Staff

Role Name
Librarian Mrs Anne Ward
Breakfast Club Organiser Mrs Debbie Lowe
After School Club Manager Ms Sophie Heaney
After School Club Deputy Manager Mrs Sue Hume
Admin Officers Miss Sian Evans
Admin Officers Ms Janet Hollins
Site Manager Mrs Anne Young
Cleaner Ms Paula Ambery
Cleaner Ms Kay Snelson
Cleaner Ms Pauline Hayes
Cleaner Ms Jeanette Eastwood
Senior Lunchtime Organiser Mrs Sue Hume
Lunchtime Organiser Najma Ahmed
Lunchtime Organiser Pauline Hayes
Lunchtime Organiser Gabby Waters
Lunchtime Organiser Karenne Wood
Lunchtime Organiser Kirsty Austin
Lunchtime Organiser Laura Wilkinson
Lunchtime Organiser Shradha Seth
Lunchtime Organiser Natalie Callaghan
Lunchtime Organiser Courtney Sparrow
Head Cook Diana Palmer
Cook Paula Ambery
Cook Margaret Forest
Cook Emma Farrell
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