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at St Wilfrid's CE Primary School

Here are some useful links to help practise your Maths skills at home!

White Rose Home Learning

Home learning lessons

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Oak National Academy (Key Stage 1)

Maths Units for Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2)

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Oak National Academy (Key Stage 2)

Maths Units for Key Stage 2 (Year 3 to 6)

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Times Table Rockstars

We also provide children with a login to Times Table Rockstars which is a hugely valuable resource for cementing children's knowledge of multiplication tables which of  course are so vital to children's progress in Maths.

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More information is available below.


To help children with their key number skills, each child has a login for the Numbots app which supports their daily numeracy lessons.

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Hit the Button

Hit the Button is an interactive maths game with quick fire questions on number bonds, times tables, doubling and halving and much more!

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Times Tables Rock Stars - Multiplication Practice

Times Tables Rock Stars - Multiplication Practice

What is Times Tables Rock Stars?

Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS) is an engaging, award-winning maths learning platform where children can practise their times tables like a rock star! The question-based games automatically adapt to each child’s unique learning needs, helping them to recall their times tables in record speed. Accessible on any device, via the app or browser, children can play anytime, anywhere. Pupils access TTRS at school, as well as being expected to access it at home. TTRS is suitable for all learners aged 6 years and up.

How Often Should My Child Access Times Tables Rock Stars?

The expectation is that all pupils access TTRS for a minimum of 10 minutes a week, outside of school. Most pupils will access TTRS more than this, as regular practise supports fluent recall. 

What Game Should My Child Use?

There are different single player and multi-player game modes. When playing as a single player, the Garage is the best place for mastering individual tables as it's highly rewarding (10 coins per correct answer) and very carefully personalises the questions for each player in every game. 

How do Pupils Login to Times Tables Rock Stars?

All pupils have been sent home with login details. They first need to find the school using our postcode (M22 4NR) and then login using the username and password provided. 

How do they move on a level? I think they’re stuck! 

  • By getting an average speed of 3 seconds or less per question.
  • By answering at least 20 questions correctly a minute (i.e. 20 correct answers in a 1 minute game, 40 in 2 minutes, or 60 in 3 minute games).

If they seem to be stuck, watch them playing the game. Are they losing focus? Are they struggling to find the keys? The fastest players use the Number pad (on the right). We teach children to turn NumLock on and encourage all children to use the Number pad to enter answers.

My child is learning the 3x table but I think they know these. Why? 

TTRS requires that they are able to recall the answers quickly and accurately. If they are given a table you think they already know it might have been because they entered the answers too slowly when they did a gig. They should work through the levels until they are ready to play another Gig. Or if you are sure they have made a mistake or their Gig was interrupted, email the school so we can fast forward them to the next gig.

Help and Support

If you have any questions regarding TTRS, times tables or any other aspect of the maths curriculum at St Wilfrid’s, please contact Miss Clark or Mrs Melody on Dojo, or catch them at the end of the day. 



What is NumBots? 

NumBots helps pupils to add and subtract numbers. If you notice that your child is counting on their fingers, or they cannot quickly recall answers to simple addition or subtraction, such as 7 + 8, or they need to use column addition or subtraction for small 2-digit addition like 12+ 25 then NumBots will help them.

Develop fluency gradually

NumBots has been cleverly designed in a way to gradually develop fluency and can help to make a big difference to your child’s maths. Children in Key Stage 1 have access to their own NumBots login.  

As with any programme like this, developing a routine to gradually work through the levels will achieve better results than occasionally playing for long periods of time.

If your child has an additional need…

If your child is using NumBots, but they have an additional need, which means they require more time to answer the questions, please contact the Maths Lead and we will change the settings to give your child more time.


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